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BANK BANDIT SENTENCED: Man who stole 70,000 kr. in first-ever heist in Svalbard gets 14 months in prison, 60,000 kr. fine


A Russian man in his late 20s who gained worldwide infamy by committing the first-ever armed bank robbery in Longyearbyen at the end of December last year has been sentenced to 14 months in prison and ordered to pay 60,000 kroner to the three bank employees he held at gunpoint.

‘This is not a joke. This is a robbery.’ Man accused of Longyearbyen’s first bank heist officially charged; ‘he was not looking for money at all, but attention,’ attorney says


A 29-year-old Russian man accused of Longyearbyen’s first-ever bank robbery by demanding money at gunpoint was formally charged this week, with his attorney stating his client was actually seeking attention and help for his psychological problems in the short-lived caper.

‘No idea what he was thinking:’ Here’s just some of the reasons the main reactions to Longyearbyen’s first bank robbery are disbelief and ridicule


Walking into Longyearbyen’s bank building wearing a facemask (and maybe even carrying a rifle in a case) might not immediately alarm many locals. But the idea of a person making a successful getaway after the first-ever armed robbery there is comically bewildering.

BREAKING: Man arrested after armed robbery at bank; believed to be first bank robbery in Longyearbyen’s history


A man is in custody following an armed robbery Friday morning at Sparebank1, according to The Governor of Svalbard. According to officials and media reports, it is the first bank robbery in Longyearbyen’s history.