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ALERT: Advendalen flooding blocks road, strands drivers and snowmobilers


Update 7:10 p.m.: Frank Jakobsen, director of LNS Spitsbergen, states “crews are working to clear the road, but “we recommend that all unnecessary driving in Adventdalen be avoided.”

Original article: Heavy flooding in Advendalen has blocked the road at the Bolterdalen river, leaving vehicle and snowmobile drivers stranded, and other rivers are at risk of overflowing.

“Slush wave and lots of water have made the main Adventdalen road impossible to pass,” wrote Tom Foreman in a post on a Longyearbyen community Facebook page, noting he is touch with people on the other side of the river. “Slush building up on the road and more water building behind the road and slush dam. Very dangerous. Trucks and snowscooters apparently stuck out there already.”