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Sun picks wrong ‘eclipse’ day


Left out of the light, revelers resorted to a “(s)he’s naked under those clothes” attitude on what’s supposed to be one of Svalbard’s brightest days each year.

“The sun is up there somewhere,” said Henrik Rasmussen, one of the two emcees at Sunday’s ceremony intended to welcome the first of sunlight to shine on Longyearbyen in four months.

Random weirdness for the week of March 3, 2015


A giant cruise ship lowering lifeboats after striking an iceberg in icy waters in a special-effects-filled film targeted at Svalbard audiences that bears absolutely no resemblance to “Titanic.”

Prodigal sons: Returning Svalbard residents cause for killing the fattened riff at Polarjazz festival


Spend 18 months writing a complex Mass and then bring in a handful of musicians to learn it during a week they’re busy with other projects? Challenging, certainly, but it’s not like trying to bring peace to the Middle East.

Burning Desire: Polarjazz aims for new musical and geographical boundaries

preview concert

Forget cigarette lighters. If you want to be a flamer at a concert in Svalbard you’d best bring a torch.


Fortitude preview

Albus Dumbledore has been resurrected as Longyearbyen’s senior-most resident, only he’s suddenly not sure he recognizes the town at all.

Nor will lots of other longtime Svalbard inhabitants if they’re viewing their neighborhood through a collection of new programs on TV and streaming video screens.