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Boozer banned: Drunk and disruptive man banned for a year from all Longyearbyen establishments serving alcohol


An intoxicated Norwegian man has been banned from all nighttime establishments in Longyearbyen that serve alcohol for a year due to confrontational behavior Sunday night at Karlsberger Pub that ended with police ordering him from the premises.

The man’s employer said Monday he has been fired and is scheduled to return to the mainland Wednesday.

Rapid relief: Longyearbyen off to another fast start in annual telethon; this year’s funds to benefit homeless, addicts, others struggling in Norway


The race to help people who are a step behind got off to its usual fast start in Longyearbyen, with 36,000 kroner raised during a relay race Saturday that set a new speed record and kicked off a month of local fundraising activities leading up to the annual NRK telethon.

WARGAME WEIRDNESS: U.S. bomber flies around Svalbard and Franz Josef Land; Russian bombers, possibly in response, simulate attack on Norway


A U.S. bomber jet flew a loop around Svalbard and Franz Josef Land last week as part of a series of NATO training exercises in the Norwegian Arctic, which was followed by two Russian bombers conducting a simulated attack along the Norwegian coast on Thursday, according to Russia’s Interfax news agency and the military news website AldriMer.

Security alert: Svalbardbutikken warns about e-mails, messages seeking personal data for fake contests, surveys


Customers at Svalbardbutikken and other members of the Coop supermarket chain are being targeted by a scheme involving e-mails and text messages claiming to be surveys or contest-winner announcements that request personal data.

“These fraud reports often ask you to give credit card and account information,” a message posted on Svalbardbutikken’s Facebook page notes.

“Coop will never request such information by e-mail or SMS. If you have received such a message, we ask you to delete the message and not to tap any of the links in the message.
If you have provided information after receiving a fraudulent notice and are experiencing withdrawal of funds from an account and/or getting credit/personal information, we recommend that you block your bank card and report the matter.”

Drastic diversity: Population of Longyearbyen and Ny-Ålesund hits record high of 2,310; most of the newcomers are foreigners


A record 2,310 residents were living in Longyearbyen and Ny-Ålesund as of July 1, an increase of 96 since the beginning of the year, according to Statistics Norway. Foreigners accounted for 70 percent of the increase and now represent 32 percent of the population – and in some age groups they now outnumber Norwegians.

Moronic motorist: Man faces charges for driving truck near polar bears on sea ice near Pyramiden


A man in his 50s who in April drove a pickup truck onto the sea ice in Billefjorden where two polar bears were nearby is facing criminal charges, prosecutors said this week.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of Nov. 18, 2018


Norway’s justice minister says the “government is working on a solution” for private homeowners in avalanche-prone areas, 72 applicants seek 39.1 million kroner  from the Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund and seven Russians help Store Norske workers clean up debris at the aging Mine 2B.

CATASTROPHIC COSTS: 250 homes in Longyearbyen to be demolished, 220M kr. for new housing and safeguards due to climate change


Forget the “alarmist” predictions about climate change impacts. During a year of actual catastrophes globally, here is Longyearbyen’s: 1) There are currently about 1,100 households in Longyearbyen. 2) about 250 residences are scheduled for demolition due to avalanche exposure, softening permafrost and other climate change factors.

Wasteful summer: Horror stories of massive trash on Svalbard’s beaches make being a garbageman the new cool thing


Wondering what the odds are of finding the match for a well-sneaker on this beach (and since that’s basically nil, where its mate is). Where the surgical mask came from (it’s not nearly black enough, even after an ocean journey, to belong to a local coal miner). If the amber fluid in a 1.5-liter bottle is soda/juice or pee from someone’s night in a tent (perhaps mercifully the cap was too stuck to open, necessitating lugging the extra liquid weight).

Saintly 60: Svalbard Church celebrating six decades of bringing the highest spirits to the world’s northernmost town


Tone Nødtvedt says Svalbard Church still looks pretty much the same as when it opened 60 years ago and became her childhood home because her father, Erling, was its first priest. It’s spirit is also largely the same, thanks to a main interior where the social gathering space was vastly expanded from the original plans – making it larger than the space for services – at her father’s insistence.