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Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of May 23, 2017


Svalbardbutikken hires new staff due to empty shelves
Svalbardbutikken is hiring two additional managers to help keep goods in stock after the going through months of empty shelves in various parts of the store.

Reaching the other side: Barentsburg residents embrace spirit of Wonderland, guide killed in accident during annual cultural exchange show

In the fairy tale seen on stage, a troubled woman trying to dig up the dead because “she missed her friends, her family and their love” finds solace with a magical winter visit to Barentsburg. In real life, the residents of the Russian settlement reached out to a recently departed colleague with a musical tribute to neighbors sharing their sorrow. 

Seedy sensationalism: ‘Doomsday seed vault in the Arctic has FLOODED,’ headlines scream. Not so much – and it’s old news


“Arctic stronghold of world’s seeds flooded after permafrost melts.” The headline quickly made it the top-read story at The Guardian’s website Saturday and spread like wildfire to other sites.

Naturally climate change skeptics everywhere screamed “fake news!” And for once they were right – if not quite in the way they meant.

‘A potent mix:’ Russian guide Aleksandr Ometov leaves loved ones, colleagues and visitors a lifetime of memories


Some say they knew Aleksandr Ometov for several years, others merely for several hours. But memories of the time each spent with him will endure for a lifetime.

Russian guide dies after sustaining critical injuries when members of snowmobile expedition break through ice


A Russian tour guide who sustained critical injuries when he and five other members of a snowmobile expedition broke through the sea ice  April 27 in Tempelfjorden died Monday night, according to a hospital official.

Feeling rundown: Locals try to outrun chasing car as long as possible before it finishes them as part of global charity race


You’re being chased by a car while running on a road. You cannot leave the road. And the car will keep getting faster until it inevitably catches up and finishes you.

Nyet for NATO Parliamentary Assembly? Seminar participants, Russians question Norway’s Svalbard policies


Heat is much on the minds of everyone concerned, whether it’s people in the room questioning Norway’s hypocrisy about local coal mining or others outside it claiming  Norway is provoking an international conflict.

‘Dah’ to détente: Russians get money to upgrade Pyramiden, fight aliens in record round of environmental grants


Turns out the governor agrees with the Russians: there’s too many unwanted foreigners in Svalbard – and some serious money is about to be spent doing something about it.

More than 1.1 million kroner for three projects involving alien species – including one  assessing alien plants and growth conditions in the Russian settlements of Barentsburg and Pyramiden – are among the 39 projects receiving a record 13 million kroner in the latest grants from the Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of May 9, 2017


Condition of tour guide that fell through ice upgraded
A Russian guide who sustained life-threatening injured when six snowmobilers broke through the ice of Templefjorden on April 27 has been upgraded to stable condition, according to officials.

Build the walls! (And we’ll pay for it): 44M more for new homes, avalanche barriers in government’s revised proposed budget


Lawmakers are proposing spending an additional 48 million kroner in next year’s national budget for housing and avalanche protection to help Longyearbyen cope with its sudden housing crisis after an avalanche in February – the second in 14 months that destroyed structures – shook up the faith of local residents and leaders in the safety of main homes near mountainsides.