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Playing the victim: Rescuers seeking volunteers willing to be ‘casualties’ in major plane crash exercise Dec. 13


Well, this is rather impressive: emergency officials know exactly when their next major rescue operation is going to happen. Furthermore, the identities of the victims will be known beforehand – because they’ll willingly be offering themselves to be burned and/or broken bodies willing to lay outside for hours screaming for help/treatment.

Revue Review: New book highlights 24 years of satirical and sentimental Svalbard stage shows – and its primary creator


She entered the theater last and stood at the far right of the choir line, well out of range of the stage lights (and, as usual, was the last to leave that night long after the lights went out as she indulged in her lifelong addiction of tidying up).

But much as she sought to have others shine, there was no way Anne Lise Klungseth Sandvik was not going to be the focus of attention when it came to reliving some of the most laughable and illuminating moments she has brought to the stage of that historic building for the past quarter of a century.

LIGHTS OUT: Today the sun appears in Longyearbyen for the last time in nearly four months. It might be a challenge getting a look at it

The good news: if you’ve got a job with “normal” hours that includes an hour-long lunch break at noon you’re in a near-ideal situation at catch Longyearbyen’s last sun rays of the year and well beyond.

The bad news is you might have to fight the cloud cover or make a hasty hike to a high hill to see the last sunset before the polar night begins.

OPEN SEASON: Dark Season Blues is here. You’re still free to attend everything – and here’s everything you can attend for free


This is the sweet sixteen year for Dark Season Blues – especially for listeners – as Svalbard’s most popular annual music event opens Thursday night with the oddity of having no events or festival passes sold out.

Briefs from Svalbardposten for the week of Oct. 23, 2018


UNIS student housing proposal features 250 dorms, 30 hotel rooms, solar panels
A total of 250 dorms and 30 hotel rooms are included in the latest proposed student housing project for The University Centre in Svalbard.

Off the radar: Storm damages 30-antenna SuperDARN ionosphere mapping installation, repairs likely won’t occur until next summer


A state-of-the-art installation on a mountainside near Longyearbyen that collects ionosphere data suffered severe damage due to stormy weather Tuesday morning and will likely be inoperative until at least next summer, according to officials at The University Centre in Svalbard.

High generosity, high challenge: Svalbard once again tops in per-person donations to national charity telethon, but change in population means many have less to give


It’s so routine it hardly seems newsworthy: Svalbard once again is the top per-person donor in a nationwide telethon that raises funds on behalf of those in need of varying types of assistance. But the annual effort to ensure residents continue their generosity is anything but routine – and is now facing the heightened challenge of reaching out to a community drastically different than even a couple of years ago.

Intruding with impunity: Polar bear has broken into at least 10 cabins near Ny-Ålesund since July; governor says that’s no reason to relocate it


A single polar bear is suspected of breaking into at least ten cabins in the Ny-Ålesund area since July, but The Governor of Svalbard is stating it is unacceptable to relocate the animal.

‘What the bloody hell is happening?’ Workers start doing noisy foundation repairs at 11 p.m.; police shut them down immediately


The construction machinery sat quietly outside the Ingeniør G. Paulsen building all day, but at 11 p.m. Wednesday those living near the sports and tourism center got an Earth (and ear) shattering wake-up call. 

Random weirdness for the week of Oct. 16, 2018


Mathematical fact*: If there’s a photography contest there’s a 99.9 percent chance a photo of Svalbard will be submitted and a 99.6 percent chance it will be among the winners.