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Random weirdness for the week of Nov. 13, 2016


Plenty of folks have suggested Svalbard as an ideal destination for U.S. residents wanting to flee instead of being ruled by The Don, but at least one person is asking Santa to give the gift of a much simpler solution – albeit one that may have people here wishing for a wall.

Random weirdness for the week of Oct. 25, 2016


For those 30 folks (including our vagabond editor) who got hastily tossed out of Gamle Sickhuset this year because the building was unsafe, get ready for your revenge. No, there’s still no payout from any of the parties that allowed that clusterchuck to happen. But they’ll be able to use the collapsing former hospital as a demolision target and/or crash barrier in the upcoming video game Asphalt Xtreme.

Random weirdness for the week of Oct. 4, 2016


He’s a big fan of the global climate pact approved in Paris last year. And of Norway continuing to open drilling areas further and further north. How is that possible? Because, according to Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen, director of the Norwegian Oil Industry Association, “Norway has the purest oil in the world.”

Random weirdness for the week of Sept. 6, 2016


If they’re creative and environmentally conscious, newlyweds Winjar and Tina Skjelten can now have safe sex for 11 years after friends filled their apartment with 4,000 balloons as part of a surprise welcome-home party Saturday.

Random weirdness for the week of Aug. 30


Since we’re all about “Svalbard on screen” this week (stupid editor and his insatiable ego…grumble, grumble), the trolls writing this under duress while locked in a dungeon are highlighting the new reality series about this place that’s really revealing.

Random weirdness for the week of Aug. 23, 2016


The Mars Curiosity Rover has returned to Svalbard and this time you’re not just allowed to drive it, but thoroughly wreck the vehicle and the pristine landscape– all for free.

Random weirdness for the week of Aug. 9, 2016


While we’re getting a bit whacko about a certain upcoming reality TV show from the land that gave us Brexit, the Local Paper of Recaps is going to Olympic lengths when it comes to keeping it real.

Random weirdness for the week of July 26, 2016


It seems the Big Wet One has been left high and dry in Svalbard and, using a brain only a cartoon character could possess, has decided climbing up a frozen mountain is his only hope for survival. This isn’t what’s in the local safety training book but since this week’s fishwrapper reveals our editor is Svalbard’s stupidest stumbler in terms of safeguards, we won’t be judgemental.

Invasive species: Civilians rapidly joining world’s northernmost Pokémon Go militia to catch new intruders


Some intruder left some extremely bizarre (and probably toxic) items at the coal miner statue in the town center and Elene Nilsen is determined to catch ’em all.

Nilsen 22, who by day is a mild-mannered receptionist at the Radisson Blu Polar Hotel, is among the small but rapidly growing citizen militia participating in countering perhaps the worse pollution and invasive species problem in Svalbard ever. At the statue, she pulls out a small space-age device and directs a beam toward the debris that seems equally invisible to the tourists passing by obliviously.

Random weirdness for the week of July 12, 2016


Svalbard Bryggeri may have generated most of the buzz during the past year when it comes to local liquids, but the frozen chosen dudes in the photo above managed to make some folks woozy by selling (yes, lots of people are actually buying it) local glacier water at for 300 kroner for a 750ml bottle (tip: you’d need to bring a few for this hike).