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Who’s more evil? Russia steps up turf war, says Norway’s new oil drilling sites near Bjørnøya violate Svalbard Treaty


Norway, while getting huffy about a Russian politician’s visit violating the spirit of the Svalbard Treaty, was the guilty party breaking it by opening three new drilling areas near the archipelago, according to a protest filed by Russia.

End of ‘the deep peace': Russia’s actions in Ukraine means Norway must revamp military, report states


Just days after a top Russian leader added to his provocation of Norway by comparing Svalbard to Crimea, Norway is doing its own raising of the stakes by saying a military overhaul is necessary to prevent such an intrusion.

Bye-bye Barneo: Russia replaces North Pole ice camp with separate science, military sites


They’ve hosted barbers, figure skaters, marathon runners and thousands of others seeking unique thrills at the top of the world, but Russia is making it more clear than ever this year their North Pole ambitions go way beyond fun and games.

Russia’s annex-the-Ukraine guy will take on the Arctic

Dmitry Rogozin

“Shiver, bourgeois! You’re done with!”