DESTROY AND REPLACE: Three-week excavation at Vei 232, snowmobiles at Vei 230 must go by Sunday for city projects


One of Longyearbyen’s busiest residential roads will be torn up for three weeks and snowmobiles parked near an adjacent street must be moved by Sunday due to infrastructure replacement projects by the city, officials announced Friday.


A map shows detour routes on Vei 232 for vehicles (blue line) and pedestrians (green line) during three weeks of scheduled excavation on the road. Map courtesy of Longyearbyen Lokalstyre.

Two roads at the Blåmyra housing complex on Vei 232 are scheduled to be excavated between July 29 and Aug. 16, according to an announcement and map showing detours at the city’s website.  Detours are planned for both motorists and pedestrians.

“The bypass will be via Blåmyra and the new residential area (blue line on sketch),” the announcement states. “For pedestrians the shortest/best way is the walkway over to the pointed-roof houses (green line in sketch).”

The road from the intersection near the Radisson Blu Polar Hotel and Polarflokken kindergarten that leads to a family-oriented neighborhood is where scores of new residences are being built rapidly due to the housing crisis resulting from the declaration about 140 homes are unsafe due to avalanche and landslide threats.

A second project in the neighborhood will replace an unstable pole installation at Vei 230. Snowmobiles parked in the vicinity of it must be removed this weekend, according to the city’s announcement.