MISSING MAIL: Postal flight cancelled Wednesday and Thursday, so some of these shelves may be empty before the weekend


Technical problems have resulted in the cancellation of the postal flight to Longyearbyen on Wednesday and Thursday, meaning many fresh grocery products and other items may be in short supply or unavailable, according to officials.

“This means that we, with only one plane this week, will have some some empty shelves in the store up against the weekend,” a post by Svalbardbutikken on its official Facebook page notes.  “This will especially apply to milk, but also have impact on fruit and vegetables. We are doing what we can to bring up fresh milk products with regular passenger flights Thursday and Friday. Friday we will get fruit and vegetables from Oslo.”

As of Thursday morning, most daily and produce shelves at the store were well-stocked.

The problems further what is already a trouble situation for many locals after Posten Norge recently scaled back the number of mail flights to four times a week and changed their arrival from midday to late afternoon, thus making same-day access to fresh foods, prescription medications and other sometimes urgent items unavailable.