Random weirdness for the week of Nov. 8, 2016


In the words of some people, this is the third time our unstable editor been evacuated during the past year. Um, close but not quite. As almost all journalists know, to evacuate somebody is to give them an enema. The proper wording of what I and a bunch of others are going through is being forced to evacuate our homes. But it’d make an interesting online poll question: which would be preferable? We suspect the answer will depend on the structural damage inflicted in both cases…

But, hey, if you can’t eat at home because you’ve been forced out of it, the least you can is indulge in a luxurious dinner at one of two Longyearbyen restaurants that made the annual “White Guide” featuring the 325 best restaurants in the Nordic countries. Of the 64 restaurants in Norway that made the list, Funktionäramässen at Spitsbergen Hotel was ranked 19th with a score of 28/73 (the first number being for the food out of a possible 40 points, the second overall on a 100-point scale). Huset was ranked 22nd at 28/73. But, um, there’s just one problem: Spitsbergen Hotel is closed for renovations and Huset is among the buildings evacuated Monday due possible landslides. Oh, well. At least like during the avalanche there’s free food at Kuturhuset for the first-world refugees and, unlike the avalanche, the liquor store was open for a few hours after the evacuations ended…

And since we’re back to the evacuation thing and painful choices, here’s another question for that online poll: would you prefer either form of evacuation here to having to participate in that farce known as the U.S. presidential election on Tuesday. Aftenposten interviewed nine U.S. citizens who basically all agreed they just the dammed thing to be over. The article notes CNN published something on its website about coping tips, with one being a slideshow of 12 soothing images – and of course, one is the Northern Lights over Svalbard. Nice idea, but we don’t think people are going to be seeing many of them anytime soon with all this rain.
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