Rant: Holy f****** c***, we just published a 20-page fishwrapper…


It was a cute and quirky bathroom reader at four pages. It became constipation-worthy at eight pages. And capable of causing constipation at 12 pages. This monstrosity might require surgical extraction.

(It’s also a bit late, but that’s hardly happening for the first time)

If you think reading this week’s issue (view/download the PDF) is the crappiest experience ever, try putting it together (yeah, it’s a lot of writing, but we’re also referring to the process of sorting, folding and stapling that many dead trees together). And maybe even more painful than an enema (and we would know) is seeing the bill for all those photocopies.

As our crackpot editor notes on some inside page (hey, you don’t think us copy trolls in the dungeon actually read his crap?), we’re paying you 25 kroner to read this thing. Not saying you don’t deserve it, but we won’t be clogging things up for long at that rate.

So if you drop something besides a laxative in the change jars where the fishwrapper is or want to make a one-time online donation, we’d really, really be relieved. Even better for you, we’ll be able to barraging you with a non-stop flow of toilet humor.