Rant: Our fishwrapper is alive and stinky as ever again after dying on the night of our worldwide TV debut


For those trying to visit during the past 17 hours and wondering why the world’s coolest newspaper didn’t seem to exist, we apologize. There was some kind of serious problem with the server. After a sleepless night and much beseeching during livechats to tech support, the fishwrapper has returned to its usual stinky self. And if anyone wants to take pity and chip in to the “must injest endless amounts of caffeine” (and maybe some drugs that aren’t legal) fund, donate a dollar (or a million). Most of all, keep reading and telling me all the ways I’m crazy/wrong/evil/etc.

Update: The reason the fishwrapper’s website was down for 17 hours yesterday and today (and has been crashing intermittently throughout the morning) is so many people were trying to access it that it crashed both my account and server. If nothing else, this is the best advertising pitch (and begging request for donations) I’ll ever be able to make. Especially since I’m being told I’m going to have to migrate/upgrade my server to handle that kind of traffic.