Trondheim man buys lottery ticket worth 13.5M kroner at Svalbardbutikken; tops previous local record by nearly 12M


An unidentified Trondheim man won 13,581,485 kroner with a Lotto ticket purchased Saturday at Svalbardbutikken, according to Norsk Tipping.

The man thought he was getting a “nonsense” call when inform about the prize, although he was eventually persuaded otherwise, according to a press release from the lottery organization.

“How much was it you said? the man asked, according to the release. “Exactly, yeah? Now I need to call the wife.”

The man says he’s a bought a ticket for the drawing for a long time, but never won a prize before.

“The worst part is that some time ago I had forgotten to deliver my ticket and so this time I said to myself I have to deliver it,” he told the lottery official with a laugh.

The winner said he planned to spend the rest of the evening grabbing a soda and enjoying the novelty.

“I think I need to spend some time letting this sink in,” he said.

The prize far exceeds the previous record of 1.093 million kroner in 2005 for a local ticket sold at Svalbardbutikken. Karen Mella, the store’s manager, told Svalbardposten she was told about the new record ticket Monday.

“That was a blast,” she said. “They will treat us to a large cake on Friday, so we’ll celebrate properly here.”

The winner was the only person to pick all eight numbers. Twenty people won 95,835 kroner apiece for picking six of seven regular numbers plus the winning powerball number, 368 won 5,455 kroner for picking six numbers, 17,284 kroner for five numbers and 258,788 won 50 kroner for four numbers.