AVALANCHE UPDATE: Twelve apartments must be evacuated again due to building and infrastructure damage


Relief at being allowed to return home was short-lived for residents of 12 apartments on Vei 228 after they were forced to evacuate their homes again Wednesday due to building and infrastructure damage.

The apartments at housing units 15, 17, 19, and 21, owned by Statsbygg, were among the 114 residences evacuated between the Dec. 19 avalanche and 8 p.m. Tuesday, when a total of 200 residents were allowed to return.

After inspecting the building after the traffic ban was lifted, Statsbygg has concluded that the building must be abandoned,” an announcement posted at the city’s website Wednesday states. “The building was hit by an avalanche Dec. 19 and has received some structural damage. In addition, infrastructure in the form of district heating, water and sewage to the building was destroyed by the landslide, and the lack of heat has caused freezing of the water pipes and the warm-water heating inside and under the building.”

Residents are not being allowed in to retrieve items and a fence is around the building is planned to prevent entry.

“There will be a plan made for the evacuation of the items inside the homes, and residents will be contacted regarding information and participation,” the city’s statement notes. “It is not allowed to go into the area without prior agreement.”

The city is also working to provide alternative housing for displaced residents.