Photo: It all depends what the meaning of ‘winning’ is

Caroline Landmark and Jorge Cuadrado Reyes pass the starting line of the 23rd annual Svalbard Skimaraton several minutes after a multitude of world-class racers and other competitors Saturday morning. The pair’s late start, which had something to do with a “little trouble with the bus,” ensured they avoided the crowds resulting from a record 900 participants during much of the 42-kilometer race through Todalen. Johan Kjølstad was the overall winner with a time of two hours, five minutes and 36.8,seconds, beating Øystein Pettersen’s second-place finish in 2:07:16. Astrid Øyreslind was the women’s winner with a time of 2:26:39. Participants described conditions as ideal, with temperatures slightly below freezing, clear skies, little or no wind, and stable snow.