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  • I have been reading the July 28, 2015 edition of icepeople. Headlines from the Svalvbardposten have a blooper in them. the article “Now we know what a forest fire looks like in Svalbard” say that a large WILDLIFE in Alaska is responsible for the haze over Kongsfjorden. I wonder if it was a caribou or a grizzle bear? It may have been bear since he probably could pass more gas – hence the sulphuric taste- than a caribou!

    • Sue:

      This was the actual headline Svalbardposten used (in Norwegian) and, yes, it’s a bit quirky. But even with polar bears being forced to alter their diets and eat unfamiliar foods due to climate change, I doubt it’s giving them that bad a case of gas.

  • Nancy

    I just finished binge watching the first season of ‘Ice Town’, in Australia. What a fantastic show. I really got to know and feel for everyone on the show. What a strong, dedicated and emphatic group you all are. You have such a tight knit community that looks out for each other- that quality is very rare. What a great example of a reality show that is actually real. I can’t wait to watch season two. Keep up the great work that you all do, you should all be very proud!