Sucks to be me – and you, if you’re reading this

Since I’m pretty much porting my entire newspaper over to a blog site, I might as well have a category for the mindless crap that represents 99.? percent of all posts. And you’ve just wasted a bit of your life reading what’s basically a test post, But so it’s not a complete waste of time, I’ll also include some initial “insider” crap about publishing this fishwrapper.

I missed the drop-dead deadline for this week (to be explained in detail at some future point), which is a major downer, but events of the day – including a person killed in an avalanche – were something of a distraction. So the plan is to publish Monday, call it next week’s issue and work on tidying up this redesigned site (a.k.a. mostly figuring out how to snag ad/donation money from it).

This is how I’m trying to ensure my “biases” are the least-read thing at this site.