About icepeople

we’re a newspaper. duh

  • Oh hai Mark,
    I’m the brother in the green jacket. We were wearing the stupid American tourist shirts. Great site! Keep in touch 🙂

  • Helo!
    I just had an opening of my exhibition in Gallery Svalbard last week. I would like to get in contact with you because of the interview I gave on the opening. It was told that there is a BBC-team making a film about people living in Svalbard and I did sign a contract about the interview. It would be fine to know some more about it and about the prosess going on.
    I did not get the name of the interviewer who made a really good impression on me (not everybody know what to ask about what everything is about in art …and so forth….).

    Hopefully you will give me some more information about your work and the interview.

    Kind regards
    Kristin Skrivervik.
    visual artist.

  • Malcolm Cairns

    Looking for an answewr to a quiz question- “What newspaper is edited, printed and published in Longyearbyen?” Will the answer be Icepeople? I thought about the Posten but that is now printed in Tromso.

    Please help me.


  • Hi Mark,
    Nice to to see the article — and my inclusion therein.
    Did you ever get to fetch that item I left for you at 102/
    PRYARMIDEN really made a major inpression — etched into my consciousness. I knew it begged fro serious and comprehensive photographic documentation. I don’t know if/when I’ll ever return.
    BUT I told a friend in Oslo, an ex-pat and established photographer, all about it. I made plans immediately and is just back from photographing there for 4 days. His name is Jim Bengston, and if you/’d like, I’d be happy to place you in contact.
    Best regards,